Inspire Atlanta: Transforming Women’s Lives through Leadership & Philanthropy

By: Ashley Gravlee, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Novelis Inc.

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation is launching a new initiative called Inspire Atlanta, a leadership program for professional women looking to ignite their passion to create positive change for women in Atlanta. The goal of the program is to provide women with an opportunity to develop personally, professionally and philanthropically. Critical to the development of Inspire Atlanta were our corporate partners. Partners like Novelis, Inc. and their Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility Ashley Gravlee, who discusses why partnering with AWF and collaborating on a program like Inspire Atlanta is important for women and our community.

It’s been said that timing is everything and as we examine the world around us right now, with the backdrop of a new year that holds so much potential and promise, I can’t think of a better time for Inspire Atlanta to make its debut.
In admiration of the work The Atlanta Women’s Foundation leads, a group of us around this time last year began formulating a plan to bring together corporate partners and women’s affinity groups in an effort to amplify awareness and bolster support for this non-profit. In addition, by bringing women across Atlanta together, we would also be establishing a powerful network of women professionals who could learn from and lean on one another, while in service to other women and girls.

In my professional role at Novelis, I manage our company’s global charitable investment and volunteer program. I am inspired every day by the good works spearheaded by my talented and generous colleagues, as well as the ingenuity and drive of our non-profit partners, including The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, who are taking on some of society’s biggest challenges including poverty and quality education. I am a firm believer that everyone has something to contribute, and that there is real impact that can be unleashed and magnified through collaboration.

Professionally and personally, I come across countless individuals yearning to make a difference. With 25% of women and children in the metro Atlanta area living in poverty, there is a lot of low-hanging fruit that we can go after to change the life trajectories of some of our most vulnerable neighbors. There is also a lot of low-hanging fruit when it comes to bolstering women in leadership positions. We all know there is strength in numbers and therefore, we need to be proactive about supporting one another. If we wish to see more women in board rooms and as CEOs, we must be intentional about developing relationships through mentoring or coaching at every stage in our careers, and pay it forward to rising stars.

My wish for those who take part in this program as applicants or mentors – and all of those with a heart for helping others – is to live inspired in 2018. Through Inspire Atlanta, we have an opportunity to come together as a community to develop the next generation of inspired women leaders, who serve not only in board rooms and in our communities, but also serve one another. Come along with us on this journey, and live inspired Atlanta!

To learn more or apply for Inspire Atlanta, click here INSERT INSPIRE ATLANTA LINK.

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