Personal. Professional. Philanthropic.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Inspire Atlanta is a community impact program and fundraising campaign that supports The Atlanta Women’s Foundation. The Atlanta community nominates prominent women leaders each year, and AWF invites them to apply. Previous Inspire participants then select the top candidates to join Inspire Atlanta in the coming year.


Through Inspire Atlanta, women will:

  • Develop their talents to garner support that affects real change in the community.
  • Learn about critical issues facing women and girls in the area.
  • Explore their core values and chart their unique leadership path.
  • Build a network of fellow female leaders and doers.
  • Champion a fundraising campaign in support of The Atlanta Women’s Foundation.

Ideal Applicants

Ideal Inspire Atlanta applicants are those who have:

  • Passion for elevating women and girls, especially those affected by poverty.
  • Desire to develop personally and use their talents to affect local change.
  • Positions of leadership or are on leadership tracks within their workplaces.
  • Previous volunteer work with nonprofits (fundraising experience a plus).
  • Willingness to commit time and energy to complete the program.
  • Support from their employers.

*Inspire Atlanta is a community impact program for professional and civic minded women in Atlanta, not a nonprofit training program. Nonprofit 501(c)3 employees will not be accepted due to a potential conflict of interest with the fundraising requirements.

Program Objectives

The Inspire Atlanta Program develops women personally, professionally, and philanthropically.
Participants will manage a fundraising campaign on behalf of AWF, receiving benefits for their effort.

  • Personal — “Me"

    Understand my core foundation that serves as my compass for setting the course of
    my life and the impact I will have on my community.

  • Professional — “My Career"

    Create a professional advantage and generate differential value by inspiring my
    network to influence lasting community change.

  • Philanthropic — “My Community"

    Develop my leadership action plan to drive the change I want to see in my community.


2023 Program Elements

Over the course of the five-month initiative, Inspire Atlanta participants will attend 9 required sessions and have the option to attend many more optional sessions to enhance their experience. In that time, they’ll explore their core values, network with fellow community leaders, develop a broader understanding of the issues Atlanta’s women and girls face and garner support for these issues through a fundraising campaign.

What Does Inspire Atlanta Mean for Me?

Campaign Kick-off- January
Orientation - January


Constructing My Journey: Setting up for Success

Fundraising Campaign Workshop - February


Walking in the Shoes of Those You're Supporting

Poverty Simulation - February


Harnessing How You Communicate Impact

HBDI Workshop- February


Mission Possible: My Efforts in Action

AWF Grantee Tours - February - March


Women on Board Workshop

Nonprofit Board Training - March


Women's History Month

Grantee Webinar - March


Where We Are Today: Accelerating Tomorrow

Advocacy Training - April


All Women Forward 

AWF's Women's Affinity Group Event - June
*reserved as a benefit for participants who meet a certain fundraising threshold by this date


Inspire Atlanta Celebration & Moving Forward

Celebration Event- Thursday, May 18


+Additional expanded education sessions will be offered throughout the program

Attending the Inspire Graduation Celebration is an excellent way to learn more about the program.
Click Here to go to the Celebration Page to Learn More

For more information, please contact Shandy Arwood, Director of Community Engagement,

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