Join AWF for a Day of Service

AWF corporate partner Novelis is hosting a home build for a single mother and her two daughters through AWF grantee partner Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. AWF staff will be participating on Friday, July 7, 2017 and we invite any of our donors, supporters and volunteers to join us. (Additional dates are also available.) We’re excited to team up with one of our corporate partners and grantee partners for this hands on volunteer opportunity. To register for the project, click here.

The homebuyer who we will be helping is Ms. Medley. To learn more about her and her two daughters (ages 7 and 12), read her story below.

Ms. Medley works for MARTA and moved to Atlanta in 2012. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time with her daughters. Her oldest is in the 7th grade. She loves studying and shopping, and she hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Her youngest is in the 1st grade, and reading is her favorite subject.

Ms. Medley is a great role model for her daughters. In the summer, they started a canning business in which they canned vegetables and sold them to their neighbors. Ms. Medley did this because she wanted to show her daughters that they can find something entrepreneurial and do their own thing in life. She wants her own home because she wants her daughters and her other family members to see that a person can keep striving to achieve their goals. She also wants security and stability for her daughters.

Ms. Medley was raised by her grandmother, who inspired her to pursue homeownership, especially after she didn’t qualify the first time through the process. Her grandmother was with her when she received her approval letter. Unfortunately, her grandmother lost her battle with cancer since then, but she will be with Ms. Medley in spirit as Ms. Medley accomplishes the important goal of homeownership.

The Medley family (like all Atlanta Habitat homebuyers) will purchase this house with a no-interest loan. They will make a down payment of $750, pay a monthly mortgage, put in 250 “sweat equity” hours, and attend 12 homeowner education classes. Monthly mortgage payments will be approximately $575 – $620 and include escrow for taxes, insurance, a termite bond and a maintenance savings fund, in addition to repayment of the loan at no interest.

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