Women-Powered Prosperity in Metro Atlanta

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This Women Powered Prosperity in Metro Atlanta report outlines the economic status of women, the pervasiveness of gender bias in state and local public policies, and evidence-based solutions decision-makers can implement to eliminate structural roadblocks to economic opportunity for women. This report is a collaborative effort of The Atlanta Women’s Foundation and the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. This report was prepared by Alex Camardelle, senior policy analyst at GBPI. Each section of this report is broken down into three categories:

In recent years, the economic status of women has improved, as more women enter the labor force, own businesses, and gain access to affordable health insurance.

Although women in metro Atlanta have experienced incremental progress over the years, systemic policy barriers at the local and state level still keep far too many women from unleashing their full potential. This report will explore those barriers.

This report reaffirms that meaningful and bold policy solutions that lift the veil of dual gender and racial bias in the economy are needed to correct a history of disenfranchisement and exclusion for women.