Our work continues: A message from Kari Love

AWF exists to help women and girls thrive, and together during this unprecedented time, we will continue to do what we can to support the women and girls of Atlanta. To ensure better outcomes for our community at large, AWF is being proactive, considerate, and mindful in our response to COVID-19. Please see the following developments related to our business operations and grantee support:

Work from home: Our staff will be working from home through at least March 27. Additionally, internal and external meetings will be postponed or rescheduled as phone calls, where possible. Our staff is set up to work remotely with as little interruption as possible and are reachable through email and phone.

Upcoming events: All community gatherings and events hosted by AWF through May 8 will be rescheduled for a later date, if possible. Any event already scheduled for after May 8 will remain scheduled at this point. We will continually assess the situation and review recommendations from the CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health and make changes as necessary.

Grantee support: In this unprecedented environment of school and workplace closures, community needs are shifting by the hour. Low-income women who don’t have access to paid family leave, paid sick leave, health insurance, child care, and other resources are more likely to be impacted during a public health crisis. In addition, single moms and their families have tangible needs for diapers, formula, and sanitary/period products. As a result of this crisis, we know even more women will need the services, basic and beyond, that our grantee partners provide.

That is why I have created an AWF sponsored emergency fund for our grantee partners. As we learn more on the immediate and extended needs of women and girls in the community, we will use these funds to help achieve the greatest impact and address the greatest needs. Your contributions will be distributed to vetted organizations with a proven track record of assisting women and girls in need.

Community resources: Additionally, during uncertain times, low-income women may experience increased food instability, domestic violence, behavioral health issues, and more. Please review our list of community resources for women and share with anyone who is looking to help or who needs help.

While we anticipate that our business operations will remain functional, please allow for potential delays. If you have any questions or concerns, please email and a staff member will reply as quickly as possible.

The needs of women and girls in Metro Atlanta continue, and so will we with your help and steadfast support. Thank you.

With regards,

Kari Love
Chief Executive Officer
The Atlanta Women’s Foundation